Summit Retirement Plan Consultants works with advisors, plan sponsors, and TPAs across the country. We are your trusted resource for expert plan design, administration and consulting.

With over 30 years of pension industry experience, we have acquired a reputation for responsiveness, creativity and complex problem-solving. Work with us and you’ll see the difference!!

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Through our relationships with investment advisors, CPAs and TPAs, we help companies establish and maintain tax-efficient qualified retirement plans that allow them to build up substantial wealth for retirement while deferring taxation for many years.

Our knowledge of the qualified plan rules (IRC Sections 430 through 436) and our extensive experience working with the IRS and other regulatory bodies gives plan sponsors the assurance that their retirement plan will be a source of satisfaction and not an aggravation.

We do not sell investment advice or products.


Famed investor Warren Buffett once said “Price is what you pay, but value is what you get”. Value is what our clients and partners get from us every day – guaranteed. Our owners are personally and actively involved in working directly with our clients and business partners, and backing up the services they promise to deliver when plan sponsors engage our firm.

Many actuarial firms and TPAs are owned by private-equity firms who are focused on extracting the highest price from small businesses while delivering the absolute minimum level of service. That might be a good business model for your grocery store or lawn service, but not your retirement plan. There’s simply too much at stake!!


Confident Expertise


We understand the most complex provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and use that knowledge to build better retirement plans


We don’t charge for responding to phone calls or emails. Effective communication between our clients, advisors and our firm is an essential part of a successful plan relationship


We’ve worked with thousands of retirement plans over the last 30 years. Each one has been unique because every client’s needs are unique. We won’t put you in a cookie-cutter plan design


Consulting & Administration

  • Cash Balance Plan Design
  • Plan documents & Amendments
  • Annual Plan Administration
  • Nondiscrimination Testing
  • IRS & PBGC Audits
  • Plan Terminations
  • Pension Administration/Call Center
  • QDRO Administration

Michael M. Spickard


Educational Background

1986 - 1990

University of Akron,

Bachelors of Science (BS),

Applied Mathematics

Michael M. Spickard is an Enrolled Actuary (EA) with over thirty years of experience working with qualified retirement plans. He is the Principal Consultant for all client plans. He served as the Director of DB Plan Services for Charles Schwab and Manage of Retirement Plans for BFGoodrich before starting his own firm in 1996, which was ultimately sold to CBIZ. Michael also served on the IRS Advisory Committee for Employee Plans for 3 years, gaining valuable insight into IRS personnel, processes and procedures. He has also served on the EA Actuarial Exam Writing Committee. Michael and his wife Penny are life-long Akron-area residents. They have four grown children and nine grandchildren.


Educational Background


2019 – Present

Summit Retirement Plan Consultants,

CEO / Consulting Actuary

2019 – Present

Summit Financial Partners,

Financial Advisor, Managing Member and CCO

2014 – 2019

CBIZ Retirement Plan Services, Executive Vice President


2010 – 2014

Tegrit Group,

CEO & Chief Consulting Actuary

1999 – 2010

Summit Retirement Plan Services,

CEO & Chief Consulting Actuary

1996 – 1999

BFGoodrich Company,

Manager – Retirement Plans


1990 – 1996

Charles Schwab,

Director of DB Plan Services


Professional Designations, Licensing & Exams


Series 65 – Uniform Investment Advisor Law Examination (2019)

*Enrolled Actuary – An Enrolled Actuary (or EA) is an actuary who has been licensed by a Joint Board of the Department of the Treasury and the Department of Labor to perform a variety of actuarial tasks required of defined benefit pension plans in the United States by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). The Joint Board for the Enrolment of Actuaries administers examinations to prospective Enrolled Actuaries. These examinations encompass various topics including the theory of interest, annuities, and the Section of the Internal Revenue Code that pertain to qualified retirement plans. Once the examinations have been passed, and an individual has also obtained sufficient relevant professional experience, that individual becomes an Enrolled Actuary.


Todd A. Lewis

Educational Background

1989 - 1994

University of Akron,

Bachelors of Science (BS),

Computer Science

Todd A. Lewis has twenty-five years of experience in administering and programming computers. He graduated from the University of Akron with a BS in Computer Science. Todd was the IT director of a manufacturing company before starting Summit IT Solutions with a long-time friend. He has worked as an independent contractor in developing robust website and database solutions since selling his stake in the company.

He has always loved finance and serves on The Chapel’s finance committee while serving as a trustee. Todd and his wife Shananne met during college and have a lot of ties to the area. They have two kids and a ‘gentle giant’ Main Coon rescue cat named Puma.

Business Experience


2022 – Present

Summit Retirement Plan Consultants

2014 – Present

Matrix 301, ltd,


2000 – 2014

Summit IT Solutions,



1994 – 2000

Main Street Gourmet,

Network Administrator